President sacks diplomat who abused Filipina helper


Marichu Mauro, who gained notoriety for beating her Filipino household helper in Brazil, has been sacked by President Rodrigo Duterte from the government service.


A Brazilian news channel in October last year aired videos of Mauro maltreating her 51-year old house help, which sparked public outrage and her recall to the Philippines. She was ordered probed by President Rodrigo Duterte.


Yung ambassador doon sa Brazil who maltreated a household helper, ito repeatedly inflicted physical harm doon sa tao. (The ambassador in Brazil who maltreated a household helper, who inflicted physical harm on the person). The recommendation was, and I signed the order, the other day or last night, I signed the document affirming the decision,” he said.


“The decision metes out the penalty of dismissal from the service,” he added.

Mauro’s dismissal from the public services means her retirement benefits will be forfeited. She will also be perpetually disqualified from holding public office.


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