600 cops to secure 35th EDSA People Power anniversary


The Eastern Police District (EPD) will deploy 600 cops to secure the 35th anniversary celebration of the EDSA People Power Revolution on Thursday (Feb. 25).

EPD director Brig. Gen Mathew Baccay on Wednesday said the 600 police personnel will provide necessary public safety services to ensure peaceful commemoration “of the significant milestones and pay tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country’s freedom and democracy in 1986.”

Aside from the police contingents, EPD Reserve Force is on standby and ready to be deployed on orders as the need arises, Baccay added.

On Wednesday afternoon, Baccay led an ocular inspection within the premises of Edsa Shrine and conducted simulation exercises on crowd control at the venue to make sure that everything is all set come Thursday.

“Let us intensify all police operations, enhance security measures, and strictly implement maximum health standards protocols such as wearing facemasks, and face shields to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Let us utilize all available resources and manpower just to make sure that the celebration of the EDSA People Power Anniversary will be peaceful,” he said.

“Likewise, EPD is also taking into consideration, the possibility that terrorist groups, violent extremists, and other criminals may take advantage of the situation to carry out their nefarious activities,” he added.

Baccay said police presence will be intensified through the foot and mobile patrols, checkpoint in areas and time when they are most needed, and establishments of Police Assistance Desks (PADs) in places of convergences.

“Target hardening measures will be implemented in the vital installations and counter-intelligence, and police operations will also be intensified to prevent terrorist activities,” he said.

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