2 policemen killed in shootout with anti-drug agents


Two policemen killed in a shootout with anti-drug agents on Wednesday night near a mall along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.


According to National Capital Region Police Office chief Major Gen. Vicente Danao, another policeman and three Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) operatives were injured. The shootout happened at around 6:30 p.m. near the Ever Gotesco Mall located at Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. The policemen involved in the shootout were from the Quezon City Police District (QCPD).


“We have a very unfortunate incident that happened at [6:30] p.m. This is a legitimate operation on both sides coming from PDEA and Drug Enforcement Unit of QCPD,” said Danao, speaking partly in Filipino, adding that the incident was an unfortunate one and that whoever was at fault will be probed.


Danao said the three injured were still in the hospital.


The “Sketchy Incident Report ” of Police Station 6 in Batasan Hills showed the QCPD’s District Special Operations Unit (DSOU) launched a buy-bust operation near the Ever Gotesco Mall.


However, the DSOU operatives were transacting with PDEA’s Special Enforcement Service (SES) agents.

“Allegedly during the (confrontation), PDEA agents first engaged to shot (sic) towards the PNP personnel, leaving no option [for police but] to fight back… [and which] resulted [in] series of injuries (sic) to both parties,” QCPD’s Station 6 said in the report.


PDEA spokesperson Director Derrick Carreon said earlier their operatives were conducting a legitimate anti-drug operation near the mall.


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