Dog in Tennessee inherits $5 million from late owner


A Tennessee dog is living the comfortable life after inheriting $5 million from her late owner, who stipulated in his will that his money should go to his pet.

Lulu, an 8-year-old border collie, was named in the will of  owner Bill Dorris, a Nashville businessman who died late last year at age 84. The $5 million is equivalent to about P240 million.

Martha Burton, 88, a neighbor who often cared for Lulu while Dorris was away, was named as the canine’s caretaker in Dorris’ will, which states Burton will be reimbursed for “reasonable” monthly expenses.

“I don’t really know what to think about it to tell you the truth. He just really loved the dog,” Burton said in a television interview.

Burton said she is perfectly happy to act as Lulu’s caretaker.

“She’s a good girl,” she said.

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