616 motorists apprehended in QC for intruding bike lanes


The Quezon City government has apprehended 616 motorists for obstruction, illegal parking in bike lanes in the city during the first two months of the year.

According to the Bike Lane Apprehension Report submitted to the Office of Mayor Joy Belmonte, 524 violators were caught and fined from January 1 to 31 while 94 violators were apprehended from February 1 to 6.

“Bike lanes are designed to put the safety of cyclists first. If you run over or obstruct their lane then that puts them in danger and defeats the very purpose of our bike lane,” said Belmonte.

Department of Public Order and Safety Chief Elmo San Diego said the rigorous apprehension is a joint enforcement effort of the DPOS-Green Transport Office (GTO) and the Task Force for Traffic and Transport Management (TFTTM).

“We have to make sure that the safety of all road users, including bicycle riders, are observed at all times,” said San Diego.

Both the DPOS and TFTTM implement the provisions of SP 2988 or the QC Safe Cycling and Active Transport Ordinance, which was meant to prioritize traveling with the use of bicycles especially amid the pandemic, and SP 1444 or the QC Traffic Management Code.

SP 2988 imposes penalties for motorists using or obstructing cycling lanes in Quezon City. The said fines are as follows: P1,000, P3,000 and P5,000 for the first, second and third offense, respectively

Use of for hire pedicabs in the cycling lanes are also prohibited with a fine of P300 or a day of community service for first offense, and P300 or a day of community service and attendance to a half-day seminar on safe cycling for second and succeeding offenses.

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