LTO wants us to have bigger cars–are they crazy?

Traffic road with retro tram and chinese people walking crossing road at Wan Chai Road between central go to causeway bay on September 4, 2018 in Hong Kong, China

The Land Transportation Office or LTO wants those with big kids to get bigger cars. Starting whenever, the LTO thinks of implementing a rule asking car owners to get restraints for their kids 12 year old and under. So, if you’re a sedan owner and you have seven kids, you can’t seat them all and seating every single one would probably make you liable of violating the LTO directive.

I understand LTO’s Clarence Guinto but implementing such a rule now is stupid. At this time when we have an economic recession and every one is looking for other sources of income or worse, among those who lost their jobs, do you think a parent would even risk his savings just to buy a bigger car?

How much is a van right now? More than a million pesos. Even if you get one from the grey market, you’ll still cough up a million or so.

Many would just think that the LTO is entirely insensitive of motorists and only found a way again for some of their personnel to make some money at the side. And imagine the hassle of being checked by unscrupulous LTO personnel on the street.

By the way–why is the LTO letting corrupt collorum operators of vans operate in Northern Luzon? Hundreds are fleecing innocent commuters of their precious monies every day just to get to their destinations due to the lack of provincial bus operations.

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