Congress rejects objection of Arizona electoral vote


The United States Congress voted 299 for “nay” and only 122 said “yea” in the subject of allowing the objection of the Arizona electoral vote. Only ten members of the US congress did not vote.

The vote resumed shortly after being temporarily stopped after a mob of Trump supporters rushed and entered Capitol Hill. A woman was shot and killed while several improvised bombs and other bomb paraphernalia were discovered all throughout Washington DC.

Washington DC mayor Muriel Bowser ordered a 6 p.m. curfew in the District of Columbia. The D.C. National Guard and Virginia National Guard were also deployed to the scene.

Despite this, several members of Congress reportedly led by Republican Congressman Ted Cruz that they plan to propose objections to another state, that is, Pennsylvania. Analysts say discussions on possible objections to the electoral vote from Pennsylvania would add at least two or three hours before the House begins counting the actual electoral votes favoring the win of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden against incumbent US President Donald Trump.

For weeks since this certification, US President Donald Trump, together with his son and lawyer, former New York City mayor Guillanni had been doing the rounds protesting against the win of Biden. Trump accused several electoral officials of committing massive fraud.

However, days before Congress opens, an expose by the Washington Post placed Trump as the one who tried to use power to influence a state governor to change the vote to his favor. The scandalous tape that contains Trump’s remarks was aired by most if not all US media outlets.

Nonetheless, several Republican allies by Trump refused to back down and made threats of filing objections to disrupt the traditional counting of electoral votes.


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