Phivolcs not bothered by frequency of quakes in Batangas, Sarangan; But should we be complacent?


There may be an emerging pattern of earthquakes and tremors happening
in Batangas and the Sarangani in December, which has not yet been
explained by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology
(Phivolcs) but can be subject to speculation.

Based on data published in the Phivolcs website
( ) for earthquakes, Calatagan in Batangas was
the location of at least four tremors with a magnitude of at least 4 from
December 11 to 26.

The highest magnitude was 6.3 on December 25,
Christmas Day, which was also felt in Metro Manila.
For the whole month of November, one tremor hit Calatagan and two
shook Nasugbu, all with a 4.2 magnitude.

What may be more disturbing, however, is Sarangani having its bigger
share of tremors with at least 4.0 magnitude at nine from December 1 to
December 26. The strongest recorded was magnitude 6.2 on December

For the whole month of November, Phivolcs recorded seven tremors with
magnitude of 4.0 to 4.4 in the Sarangani area.

So, far Philvolcs has no explanation for the increased occurrence of
tremors and strength of the tremors in Batangas and Sarangani for

However, a post from the Facebook page of “The Watchmen’s Earth and
Space connection” on the recent tremors posted on December 26, 2020
tried to connect the dots.

“If you read this and you look at the patterns from the big quake that hit
Sarangani recently to the 5.0 today (December 25) near the Philippines
Fault up the fault to the Leyte area, then down the Western side of the
Philippines Fault to the Lubang fault, we are seeing a pattern of the strike
slip. Luzon to Mindanao I just want you to stay alert,” it said.

“I will keep updating you on the energies in the mantle. We are seeing
major movements on both sides of the major Philippines Fault. It’s clear.

I need you to stay alert. Always have your go bags near so you can just
grab them if you have to leave,” it added.

The post has already surpassed 4,000 shares.

So far, scientists have remained firm on the view destructive earthquakes,
or the “Big One,” can never be predicted. CURRENTPH

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