Enderun Senior High Students earn college credits with globally recognized AP Capstone diploma


Enderun Senior High Students earn college credits with globally recognized AP Capstone diploma Enderun Colleges Senior High School is part of the approximately 1,800 cohort of schools worldwide that offers the AP Capstone Diploma Program.

AP or Advanced Placement is a two- year diploma program that gives high school students the opportunity to take college-level classes in Grades 11-12 while allowing them to nurture the skills vital for college success such as research, collaboration, and communication.

The program, launched in 1956 in the United States, has immensely grown over the years with more than 2.8 million AP exam takers in 2019.

In the Philippines, Enderun SHS is one of two schools that can offer students to graduate with an AP Capstone diploma. The AP Capstone diploma is for students who wish to earn advanced college credits, and gain advantage over other high school graduates especially during college application abroad.

The AP Capstone at Enderun SHS pivots to an internationally-aligned yet contextual focus from the usual highly localized learning. Students are trained to develop their interdisciplinary skills in ways that are integral to the jobs of the future.

Students are also able to enhance their critical thinking while considering multiple perspectives in a number of disciplines.

The faculty are internationally-trained and well-equipped with competent knowledge and practice aligned with the workshop held by AP to qualify teaching. Indeed, acquiring an AP Capstone diploma gives students the comprehensive value and recognition with policies that accept graduates in over 100 US higher academic institutions.

According to the AP College Board, a globally recognized American institution, AP Capstone focuses on developing the students skills in research, analysis, evidence-based arguments, collaboration, writing, and presentation. Upon completion of the program, students can earn one of two different AP Capstone awards, AP Capstone Diploma or AP Seminar and Research Certificate, which are highly-accepted and greatly-favored by colleges and universities around the world.

Both AP Seminar and AP Research interdisciplinary classes, which run yearlong, end in an AP Exam which is graded on a scale from 0 to 5. To earn credit, students must score at least a 3 (70%) on the standardized exam. AP Capstone: Seminar & Research The AP Seminar, a prerequisite of AP Research taken during the first year of the program, aims to examine topics and issues from different perspectives, determine reliable sources, gauge arguments, and develop logical, evidence-based opinions and recommendations. On the other hand, AP Research, which is taken during the second year, focuses on application of the skills acquired in the previous year in order to develop an independent research project.

Awards As explained by the AP College Board, students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research including the four additional AP Exams receive the AP Capstone Diploma. Students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research but not on four additional AP Exams receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate. AP Capstone Benefits Practical academic rigor.

AP Capstone focuses on the development of students’ learning processes which helps them become independent thinkers and problem solvers. From the standard content-driven curriculum, AP Capstone notably transitions it to having the 21st century skills-based learning. Students have the opportunity to take challenging interdisciplinary courses on AP Statistics and Probability, AP English Language and Composition, AP Micro and Macroeconomics, and AP Comparative Governance and Politics. Scholastic distinction.

Students who have earned their AP Capstone diploma will have the edge above other high school graduates especially during college application in an international setting. Having the academic competency is a good indicator of the students’ performance in school and how they can continue such discipline in higher education. Advance college credits. There are a lot of colleges and universities abroad that grant credit for AP Seminar or AP Research. Earning advanced college credits in high school determines how enthusiastic students are and helps them increase their chance of getting into the college of their choice.

According to Ms. Cherry May Tan, Enderun Colleges Senior High School Principal, “Now more than ever, it is integral that students be equipped with not just content knowledge, but also the interdisciplinary skills that can successfully propel them into their tertiary studies and beyond. Given the speed and magnitude of advancement that the world currently enjoys, teachers and school administrators are no longer in a position where we can predict the jobs of the future. Therefore, it is our responsibility to set our students up for success in as many fields as possible. The AP Capstone Diploma program is a promising opportunity for students to experience both academic freedom and rigor, as students are given ownership over aspects of their learning.” To learn more about the AP Capstone Diploma Program at Enderun Colleges, please visit: https://www.enderuncolleges.com/study-at-enderun/senior-high-school/advance-placement- program-manila/. ###

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