The Triskelion’s Unfinished Revolution


Fifty two years ago, a group of political science students militated against the prevailing fraternity system at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Calling themselves U.P. Triskelions thru the leadership of political science student Roy Ordinario and Rod Confesor, these fine young men bonded together for the sole purpose of achieving a higher state of Being for themselves and for their fellow men. Unlike other fraternities that only remember their principles during initiation rites, the U.P. triskelions decided among themselves to be guided by a Code of Conduct that would initiate or transform them into New Men.

That Code of Conduct became the Triskelion’s veritable manifesto against the system that existed in the university. That too, became the strong ideological glue that bonded men together, separated by class, social status or political creed. The CoC became the living covenant between the fraternity and its members.

Fifty two years ago, this fraternity was one amongst many. Now, it is the largest fraternal organization in the world, with chapters practically all over the world. Where there is an Overseas Filipino Worker, at least one (1) or two (2) of them would probably be a Triskelion.

The dream of becoming the supreme Grand Fraternity has been achieved. Yet, the complete mission of the Triskelion remains unrealized.

The quest for Change, the desire to create a just, humane and equitable society for the Triskelion is still on-going, the very reason why the first Triskelions went on the revolutionary path. The first Triskelions fought for a country being raped by corrupt and unjust men. They sacrificed their own futures and some even died for the country.

It is time for every Triskelion who believes in the fraternity’s Tenets and Code of Conduct to strive for a better Philippine society. The Triskelion has an unfinished Revolution.

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