John Regala admits getting donations from Chuck Dreyfus group


After his emotional talk with online and News 5 anchor Raffy Tulfo, people from the showbiz industry who knew John Regala went out of their way to help the ailing actor. Three of them even went out of their way just to extend a brotherly help to Regala who appeared very frail and near death due to cirrhosis, gout and diabetes.

Former child star Chuck Dreyfus, former teen star Nadia Montenegro and showbiz writer Aster Amoyo met Regala in his house in Cavite. Dreyfus narrated to Raffy Tulfo how his group decided to help Regala secure a private hospital room and immediate medical attention to extend Regala’s life.

Since the three are not necessarily billionaires, they asked John if he agrees to open a joint bank account so that donors would deposit their help in there. Regala agreed.

Dreyfus said his group was able to collect 300,000.00 plus pesos from members of the local showbizness. Half of this amount went for Regala’s operations, medicines, expenses and salary of a caretaker. The rest were kept in the joint bank account.

What angered Dreyfus was when Regala went public and accused the trio of not informing him about the donations. Regala even expressed incredulity because donations only amounted to hundreds of thousands of pesos, and probably not what he expected.

Dreyfus countered and said that he always inform Regala of what’s happening and the reason why the account only contains 150,000 is because they spent the half portion covering expenses incurred during Regala’s hospital stay.

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