Defensor-Marcoleta-Remulla Plot to Get ABS-CBN land and assets


Duterte thinks he just got one up against a so-called oligarch whom he accused of lording it over the airwaves for decades without paying appropriate taxes and screwing the social and political fabric of the country. Duterte is boisterous enough to claim victory despite attempts made by his spokesperson to insulate him from the issue. However, three of his minions think the job is definitely not over. Mike Defensor, whose record of loyalty for strong willed leaders remain unmatched, is leading the charge together with Congressman Marcoleta and Cavite congressman Remulla whose brother formerly worked for ABS-CBN 2.

The trio believes they can finally put finis in the coffin of the Lopezes the minute they seize the land that now houses the broadcasting equipment owned by ABS-CBN. Defensor wants to justify the move as “cause-worthy” because if government succeeds in sequestering the land, the once idealistic partylist Congressman wants it turned over to workers and employees of the media giant. In a controversial video now circulating over the Internet, Defensor is seen in a video conference with three co-conspirators, Marcoleta, Remulla and a certain Journalii Padayon, a former employee of ABS. Journalie is reportedly a union member.

While the move seemed note-worthy, the obvious question is–who is going to manage the network? Who will sit at its board? Seems like Defensor intends to retain ABS-CBN managers and give them the responsibilities of continuously working for the network. In Defensor’s mind, managing a media network such as ABS-CBN is as easy as managing a mining firm.

ABS-CBN Workers are being led to believe that once government succeeds in sequestering the land and all the assets of the network, they will all benefit from it because the new management retains their services.

Bull. Crap. Shit.

Defensor’s tactics smells divide and conquer. A fragmented workers union would never stand a chance against Congress. Like any other trapo, Defensor is worried about the expected political fallout.

What pique the interests of people is the fact that there seems to be no letup on the Lopezes. This is simply not just about destroying a private enterprise– this is total annihilation. These three want the Lopezes out of business.

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