James Harden plays with teammates at Disney debut


After four months of being side-tracked, basketball James Harden again created his trademark magical moves with his Houston Rockets teammates at the Walt Disney World in Florida.

Harden arrived at the city after getting his NBA-mandated quarantine requirements with a clean bill of health to prove that his fit. An interview with the NBA press shows Harden as happy practicing with his teammates after a long hiatus.

Though the star player says he has been practicing almost daily despite being sidetracked with “family issues”, Harden says it feels good playing basketball with his long-time team-mates.

Harden’s presence boasted the moral of the team, weeks after news broke out that Houston guard Russell Westbrook caught the deadly COVID-19 virus and is reportedly out for the rest of the season.

Coach Mike D’Antoni remarked, “He looked good. He probably was rusty for about 30 seconds. … A good beginning.” Most of his teammates however, says nothing changed with Harden–he’s the same MFS player.

The bearded Harden leads the league in scoring at 34.4 points, way ahead of Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards with 30.5 points.


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