Lysol Disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19–US EPA


Lysol’s disinfectants can effectively kill the novel corona virus within two minutes on contact, findings of the United States Environmental Protection Agency show yesterday.

Lysol’s disinfectant spray and Lysol disinfectant max cover mist meet the criteria set by the EPA against SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the dreaded pandemic which is sweeping the world right now.

EPA findings are based on clinical testings undertaken by the agency. Though there are 420 other products that are also strong enough to ward off “harder-to-kill” viruses than the novel corona virus, so far, these two products of Reckitt Benckiser are scientifically and officially recognized as a COVID-19 virus killer.

COVID-19 infections have risen to nearly the 6 million mark worldwide. In the Philippines, infected persons have passed the 50,000 mark, with about 12,000 plus recoveries and more than 1,400 deaths.

These Lysol products are available in the Philippines.

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