DILG denies cha-cha bid

DILG Secretary Eduardo Año at a press conference on the Continued implementation of the Presidential Directive to clear Roads of Illegal Obstructions, on Monday, February 17, 2020. Photo by Darren Langit/Rappler

Local Governments undersecretary Jonathan Malaya denies reports that the department is spearheading moves to change the 1987 Constitution and replace it with a federal one.

Malaya says the DILG does not intend to change the Constitution. DILG, however, has put forward several proposed amendments to the charter, allowing more foreign investments and granting foreigners the right to own lands.

An alleged memo signed by Malaya himself reportedly directed regional directors to support a so-called plan called CORE. CORE aims for 2 million signatures to support proposed constitutional amendments.

Many observers see the charter bid as dead in the water with only a year and half away from the presidential elections.

Several political observers say that the political and economic allies of President Duterte are exploring ways on how to perpetuate themselves to power due to the political uncertainties of 2022.


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