Extending ECQ up to end of May too much


Seventeen metropolitan manila mayors are reportedly in agreement–they want to extend the enhanced community quarantine up to the end of May, citing the continued rise of COVID-19 cases. As of today, the Philippines had surpassed the 10,000 mark. Globally, more than 4 million people had reported infections. The World Health Organization expects this figure to further rise as the virus is just beginning to spread in the African continent.

Duterte had just announced his intention to re-open somewhat the economy by May 15. Several legislators are in agreement, with Senator Richard Gordon preferring a slow yet sure re-opening of businesses in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Extending ECQ up to the end of May is too much. It is stupid, ludicrous and utterly nuts. This is too much already. These government officials are courting disaster. 

First of all, do they have data which indicate the beginning of a second wave? If they do, then, they need to share it with the public.

Second, even if there is a second wave, there is simply no way of averting the rise of infestations due to the absence of mass testing. Where are the monies intended for this? Testing is a sure fire way of identifying, isolating and giving medical attention to those infected by the virus. Without mass testing, we will all be left to base our acts only on assumptions which are usually faulty.

These mayors just want to divert attention from their evident failings of managing this contagion and are willing to sacrifice the economy just to save their thick skins.

I agree with Local Governments secretary Ano to selective re-opening of the economy but this depends much again, on data, data that should have been collected early on.

Some people say that the UP data is enough. However, that UP study depended much on DOH data-collection, which even some health experts place in serious doubts.

Re-open the economy now or face the brunt of social unrest after.

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