Is it okey to accept the “new normal”?


Many are describing life after May 15 as the “new normal,” with many encouraging people to accept this new kind of life. Malacanan thru Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque had just released a list of sectors or industries which will open either fully or partially by May 15. And local government units (LGU) have issued their respective ordinances that would guide people’s behavior by then.

The question that everyone is asking— will this “new normal” substantially change our lifestyle or the way we do things? First of all, come May 15, the one thing that everyone would surely be conscious of is seeing people wearing face masks. Is this a big thing? No. The other thing that people would surely see are long lines of people waiting in stores and public transport terminals. Is this a new thing? Again, no.

Of course, people would be discouraged to attend large gatherings but of course, these gatherings will now be under the cloak of darkness or conducted in places, far away from the prying eyes of authorities. Off-site office work? Many companies have been doing exactly that even before the pandemic began.

While these things some expect to shock the people’s senses and sensibilities, it is not right to say that we must live under this “new normal.”  We instead must end this “new normal.”

For one, these quarantines are not here to stay. Eventually after a year or so, a vaccine would have been invented and the world would sleep soundly again. So, what is “normal” now, would definitely revert back to the “old, tried and tested” ones after a year or even a couple of months.

What is damning to say the least, is the fact that governments and other people are trying to convince us to allow the government to further limit our civil liberties. That is exactly what this “new normal” is all about— states and governments constricting our movements and therefore our liberties in the guise of protecting the national interest.  This is Neo-Fascism of the 21st century, a re-interpretation of 19th century concept of governance. 

We are being convinced that, for the sake of the common good, we must sacrifice our liberties and our rights. Wrong. We only do this during emergencies and don’t tell me that because of this pandemic, we will be like this for the longest time? That is stupidity. There is surely an end of all these.

While there may be “new ways of doing things” there will be newer forms still of services  of old. But we are not entirely sure if these new innovations and discoveries would lead to a far more better life.


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