Cong. Ron Salo urges bar passers to serve as legal frontliners during COVID-19 pandemic

Law professor Congressman Ron Salo urges new lawyers to become legal frontliners

Law professor and Kabayan partylist Congressman Ron Salo today urged recent bar passers to serve as the country’s legal frontliners especially now that the government is implementing rules to safeguard public health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

” The people need the rule of law the most in times of crisis, especially during pandemics. The limits of laws are tested in life or death situations. ” says Salo who was deputy speaker during the last Congress. A law professor from the University of the Philippines and Dela Salle, Salo says that in times of crises, ” The bounds of personal liberties, the common good, and imperatives of public health and safety overlap especially now in these COVID-19 times.”

“I fervently hope our new lawyers will take to heart and constantly keep in mind the purposes of our laws and why we, as a society, choose to abide by the rule of law.

“We have laws and we have lawyers because we must seek the truth and serve justice. We have lawyers because they are officers of the law, vanguards of truth, and frontliners in the continuing quest for justice.

Aside from being a partylist congressman, Salo earned his Master’s degree in International Law at the University College London (UCL) and graduated with Merit/Honors. Salo cites several examples where these new lawyers are much needed:

“Our laws must serve the ends of justice when hospitals reject patients needing urgent medical care, when distressed mentally-ill citizens are gunned down, when public funds and relief goods do not reach intended beneficiaries, when children are denied milk, and when fake news and fear cause people to discriminate and prevent workers from going back to their homes.

“Our laws must govern on land, out at sea, and in our airspace. Our officers of the law must wield the sword of justice when COVID-19 aid goes to drug dealers because cash grants are used to buy illegal drugs, when our islands are claimed by foreign powers, when illegal pharmaceuticals are smuggled into our country, and when unscrupulous business people engage in hoarding and profiteering of essential goods.”

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