Water interruptions  of Maynilad and Manila Water undermining lockdown goals—Senator Imee


Maynilad and Manila Water

Senator Imee Marcos has scored on Tuesday water concessionaires Maynilad and Manila Water for continued water service interruptions that reduced the effectiveness of a Luzon-wide lockdown in stopping the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

“Water interruptions have compromised health and safety standards in Metro Manila, from personal hygiene to the proper sanitation of communities,” Marcos said.

Observing the most basic anti-contamination measures like frequent hand washing, bathing upon returning home, and the thorough cleaning of utensils, laundry and surfaces on which the virus may cling, has become a challenge due to water interruptions.

“Nasanay na lang tayo sa kapabayaan ng Maynilad at Manila Water. Ngayon na tag-init at bumubuwelo pa lamang ang COVID-19, parang nilalaro ng dalawang kumpanya ang kalusugan at mismong buhay natin,” Marcos said.

Marcos added that it took a viral pandemic like COVID-19 to underscore the dire consequences of more than 20 years of neglect by Maynilad and Manila Water to ensure a 24-hour supply of water in Metro Manila and nearby areas, according to their contract with the government.

“Marami nang problema ang taongbayan, at sana naman maging bahagi ng solusyon ang Maynilad at Manila Water laban sa COVID-19.  Pero sa nangyayari, mukhang tubo lang ang inaatupag nila,” Marcos said.

Marcos added that the water concessionaires should not brag about suspending meter readings and onsite billing due to the the lockdown, since customers will eventually pay them anyway.

“Josko, parang may utang na loob pa ang mga customers sa Maynilad at Manila Water, e babayaran din naman nila ang kanilang nakunsumong tubig. Kung tutulong din lang sila, sana lubos-lubusin na nila at wag nang pagbayarin ang mga customers,” Marcos also said./Stacy Ang

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