Japanese anti-flu AVIGAN vaccine effective against COVID-19


Chinese medical experts claimed that A NEW DRUG produced in Japan has been proven effective in treating novel corona virus patients. This, after the drug was given to 340 patients in China. Patients who took the flu drug recovered quicker and showed greater lung improvement compared with patients who were not given the drug.

Avigan’s active ingredient is Favipiravir, which reportedly blocks the virus from further replicating inside an infected persons’ body. Hongkong medical authorities are willing to give the drug “for free” if further studies show it is safe.

In the United States, US President Donald Trump himself announced the possibility of two anti-COVID 19 drugs. Compared with Avigan, however, these drugs, Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine are used to effectively treat severe malaria.

Chloroquine produces antiviral effects which works by increasing endosomal pH required for the virus/cell fusion process. The drug acts as a zinc ionophore, allowing extra cellular zinc to enter inside the cell and inhibit viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase. This act could potentially counteract the mechanism of action of the novel corona virus leading to its demise.

The drug however, produces side effects on some patients.

As of the moment, there is no new cure against this virulent strain in the corona virus family. All around the world, 200,000 have been infected while 7,900 have died.

Favipiravir had been given also to 80 patients in Shenzhen and in Wuhan. All patients recovered with no side effects, says Zhang Xinmin, an official at the China’s Science and Technology Ministry.

Hong Kong-based Sihuan Pharmaceuticals is developing an oral medicine using favipiravir.

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