Victory Liner video campaign against COVID-19 goes viral


Any campaign against viral contagion will only succeed if everyone does his or her share. Governments cannot do it alone. Containing a deathly virus such as the novel corona virus entails the help of every single one–citizen or company– because the misery of one is the misery of all in a contagion.

While cleaning and disinfecting their buses are part of their daily protocols, Victory Liner upped the ante by urging their disinfection teams to “leave no stones unturned” through meticulous cleaning. Using quality hospital grade disinfectants, Victory Liner’s disinfection team first clean the interior of the bus throughly, lane by lane, until every single space is covered.

They then spray on more disinfectants to ensure that no bacteria or virus stays inside the bus. To maintain the safety of the bus, everyone who enters are given hospital grade sanitizers and are subjected to thermal checks. Those who show signs of COVID-19 are isolated and given immediate medical aid, and reported to health authorities.

For this bus company, there is no compromise to health and safety. For seventy five years, Victory Liner has been known as a stickler to safety, security and health. This explains why the bus company continues to be beloved by millions of Filipinos through the years.

That explains why Victory Liner is the only bus company with a 9002 ISO certification when it comes to their Kalayaan Caloocan maintenance hub. All disinfecting protocols are undertaken in the bus company’s world-class maintenance hub with expert disinfecting teams, trained to undertake stringent disinfecting protocols, world grade.

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