DFA Sec. Locsin’s post removed on Twitter after violating its rules



A post on Twitter made by Department of  Foreign Affairs (DFA)  Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. can no longer be viewed due to violation of the social media company’s rules.

According to a notice on Locsin’s page, the  March 5 post  of Locsin “is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules.”

According to Twitter, their company bans threats of violence, promotion of violent extremism, child sexual exploitation, harassment, hateful conduct, promotion of suicide or self-harm, adult content and sale of illegal goods.

On March 5, Locsin shared on Twitter a link to a news report on BAYAN’s opposition against war games between the US and the Philippines.

“These are f****** communists. You shoot them. You don’t listen to them,” Locsin wrote, as seen in a screenshot shared to ABS-CBN News by BAYAN secretary general Renato Reyes Jr.

According to Reyes, he reported this post to Twitter for “offensive” content.

Bayan “welcomes” Twitter’s action against the Secretary, he said.

“For so long, Locsin thinks he can get away with anything. But when he threatens harm on activists merely expressing their views, we will have to draw the line and fight back,” Reyes said in a statement.

“We are not afraid of engaging Locsin in a civil debate. But we will not allow him to abuse this platform and his office just so he can silence others. He is abusive and appalling,” Reyes also said.

Twitter did not specifically mention which offense Locsin’s post  made./Stacy Ang






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