House coup plotters to be named by Cayetano’s allies


Anytime soon and political allies of Taguig Congressman Alan Peter Cayetano would name those who plotted or are plotting to remove him as Speaker of the House.

Deputy speaker for FINANCE Luis Villafuente told a TV network in an interview that there are legislators close to Congressman Lord Alan Velasco, about twenty of them, who are convincing and even offering monies for several of Cayetano’s allies to vote Cayetano out of the post, months ahead of November, the agreed month when Cayetano is supposed to hand over the post to Velasco.

Cayetano was given the speakership after the three of them, Cayetano, Velasco and Martin Romualdez agreed to abide by the “Solomonic” judgement given by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte which was given to ensure the continued unity of various political groups in the House.

Numerous Congressmen had expressed disatisfaction over Cayetano’s leadership due mainly to the decision to defer discussions about ABS-CBN’s franchise. Sectors are accusing Cayetano of trying to control ABS-CBN by prolonging the supposed hearing on its franchise. Cayetano wants the hearing to commence after the State of the Nation address of President Duterte by August. BY that time, the media giant’s franchise would have expired.

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