Thousands of militants join massive  protest this week  vs. Duterte admin



Thousands of members from different militant organizations have started conducting this week a series of massive protest actions to denounce the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, including a rally to commemorate the People Power Revolution 1 which ousted former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

“This coming February 25th at 1 pm, People Power 1 Commemoration Day which fired the previous Maracos Dictatorship,”  said a statement from the Kilusang Mayor Uno (KMU).

Rallyists plan to converge in different places  including the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila and EDSA areas.

The militant groups is also scheduled to hold a series of rallies  to denounce the plan of the Duterte administration to shut down the operations of media giant  ABS-CBN.

“THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS. Various groups are set to intensify their collective actions calling for the both Houses of Congress to pass renewed legislative franchise for ABS-CBN,” said the statement of the groups.

The groups also cited to protest for “Reasonable Salary, Job Assurance, Residence Assurance and Citizen Public Service.”

The countdown begins as February ends, the groups said.   Both chambers of Congress will have their session breaks this coming March 11 and will resume on May 4, as the franchise of ABS-CBN is set to expire on March 30, they said.

“We invite the public to express support to the almost 11,000 Kapamilya workers who face threats of losing their jobs once ABS-CBN will fail to acquire renewed fresh legislative franchise. We also call for solidarity against the attacks of the present government to free press, freedom of expression and the people’s righ to know and information,” the group statement read.

Among the events  the groups plan to hold rallies  in are as follows:

February 24: Senate Hearing, 9 a.m.,  Philippine Senate Gate, Pasay City;
February 25:   EDSA People Power Anniversary, 1 p.m. , Mendiola;
February 26:   SC en banc  Session, 9  a.m.,  Supreme Court, Manila;   and
February 28: Black Friday Protest, 6 p.m.,  ABS-CBN Sgt. Esguerra Gate, Quezon City./Stacy Ang



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