Is there enough anger to oust Duterte now for revgov?


The impression right now among the people is that the country is going down in flames. Summer is just several days from now, and Meralco already cautioned everybody to “use electricity wisely” as they foresee possible raising of red and yellow flags–meaning power disruptions. Water firms had already expressed their apprehensions on our water security and oil firms are also set to raise their prices.

Malacanan deployed a mitigation measure by announcing the possible lowering of pharma products but as Health secretary Francisco Duque III said, this will only be possible after six months. Effects of such will not be instantaneous.

Graft and corruption issues are set to explode anytime soon, as almost all agencies of government are now in a frenzy trying to figure out how to get a buck from the trillions of pesos worth of government funds out for grabs.

Firms are closing down or shutting their operations left and right, leaving thousands of workers holding empty bags. Government tries to encourage these left out workers to consider going abroad but the continued airing and publication of the sorry episodes experienced by OFW’s are discouraging many from even trying or sacrificing their few properties for that prized ticket abroad.

We don’t hear anybody now being killed or being summarily executed due to drugs. according to sources within the PNP, drugs are seen everywhere. The fact is, prices of the poor man’s cocaine has stabilized, meaning, happy days are here again for most drug syndicates.

Of course, we see millions of clothes out there being peddled in the streets, an obvious indication of smuggling of drugs thru the customs. Drug syndicates put their illicit stuff inside clothes which are passed thru as second hand items for speedy disposition of our customs personnel.

There is an enormous disruption in the social life of the people–the question is, is it enough to trigger people from going out of their homes and militate against the Duterte Administration.

Unfortunately, no.

First, for people to recreate the events that changed the political direction of this country, there must be some channeling of their energies and organize these energies and make it into a movement. None exist.

Second, there must be a trigger for people to just spontaneously go out and fill the streets with their warm bodies. At this point, there is none.

Third, there must be a cause, however irrational it may be, for people to consider sacrificing their lives for it? Yes, there is.

The thing is, people are angry but thinking about the alternative stops them in the tracks. Many hate the guts of the Vice President, and hopes of a constitutional succession are practically out of the question. People have lumped politicians together as one humongous group of parasites out to get a fast buck on the blood, sweat and tears of the people.

And Leni, unfortunately, is seen as no different from the louse that is Duterte.

Are people open for an establishment of a revolutionary government composed of well-meaning Filipinos who would risk their lives for a few months to correct and erase the monumental ills of Filipino society?


A revolutionary government is the only answer to problems of succession which is now bedeviling the Duterte administration.

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