Why Mommy Divine opposes Sara-Matteo tying the knot? Here are some guesses…


There must be something “sinister” that Sarah Geronimo’s parents, Mommy Divine and Delfin saw with Matteo Guidicelli that they still harbor this feeling of animosity against the actor? Sarah and Matteo had been a couple since 2014 (imagine six years), and it was only last November 2019 when they got engaged. Sarah is older (31 years old) than Matteo (only 29 years old). For most, waiting for six years is more than enough for one to know the real character of the one you’ll be tying the knot with.

Is it about money? I doubt it. Thru all these years, I can’t that the Geronimo family is still financially struggling. Sara’s endorsements are multi-million peso deals. I doubt if these will stop when Sara settles with Matteo. Will Matteo have a say in Sara’s career? I doubt if they haven’t discussed this before. Sara has her own entertainment management team.

Rumors flew about Mommy Divine’s alleged suggestion for the couple to sign a prenuptial agreement which Sara reportedly thumbed down, fearing that it would offend her fiance.

Is it about loyalty to Sara? Matteo and Sara had been an item since six years ago. Throughout the length of their relationship, Matteo had never been involved in any other actress or with anybody. Sara likewise.

Is it about maturity? Probably. Sara grew up as a showbiz royalty. Consciously, Sara expects to be treated as a “princess.” Is Mommy Divine under the impression that. Matteo is not the right guy to treat her daughter like a “princess”? Honestly, who else will?

Mommy Divine should not aspire for another guy for Sara. Matteo’s family is okey. Sara, I think is in good hands. There must be something beyond these things which prod Mommy Divine to still doubt Matteo.

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