World Health experts to visit China: 5,000 new COVID-19 cases reported


Health experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) are visiting China to see first-hand what exactly the Chinese government is doing to immediately address growing concerns of the spread of the novel corona virus, a deadly strain of a common flu virus, which already claimed 1,300 lives and infected 63,000 world wide. This, after Egypt reported the first case of the virus in Africa.

IN the latest update from China, the government admitted that 1,700 of its medical staff members who attended to the needs of infected persons, are themselves, down with the COVID-19 virus. Six of these medical staff members are already dead. reports that there are now 64,437 cases up by about 5,060 new cases reported by Chinese health authorities. The death toll is officially at 1,383, and this is expected to change after China changed the way they actually count those who died due to complications due to the virus or those directly infected yet died due to other factors. Most fatalities happened in China, and only three deaths are reported outside of China.

US health officials warn that the COVID-19 virus might actually stay “a little while longer” and might even spread “unto year’s end.” Containment is the best weapon against the virus.

Beijing ordered immigration officials to direct all new arrivals to the city to subject themselves in voluntary quarantine for 14 days. Experts believe that the virus has 5-6 days of insulation period before symptoms appear.

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