Duterte’s Anti-Oligarch Attacks just a diversion


Currentph.com had a very interesting conversation with an official. (who refuses  our offer to reveal his/her identity here.). The official gave us an explanation why there is this on-going attacks against the Ayalas, Manny Pangilinan and the Lopezes of ABS-CBN 2.

” When palace officials saw the devastating effects on Mr. Duterte’s ratings last December due to numerous issues, including the anomaly behind the SEA GAMES hosting, some communications men suggested that they create a diversion. They did a short Focus Group Discussion or FGD to test if attacks against known oligarchs whom several DDS groups identified as “hot targets” would create enough buzz and bury the SEA games anomaly indefinitely.

” Unfortunately for the palace, the Taal volcano eruption happened and reports about the way government mishandled the situation there, further affected Mr. Duterte’s ratings. Several of Duterte’s men already noted how from a high of 80 or 76%, Duterte’s ratings show the tendency of “going South.”

” Notice that ratings firms especially those being used by the palace are keeping their mouths shut.

” Things also got a little messy when the palace mismanaged the COVID-19 outbreak and the Visiting Forces Agreement. These are issues which are expected to further accelerate or even increase the number of people already dissatisfied with the present dispensation.

” Several experts even think that the palace is manipulating the numbers to protect Duterte. The real situation is far, far different from what these surveys show. With these series of blunders, it is of no surprise if Duterte loses relevance before he ends his term.

” Two problems with the President. First, with only 700 days to go, the palace is sure to lose relevance among big political players. Obviously, they would not allow Duterte to appear like a lame duck. However, because of his health condition, Duterte is already considered a lame duck. Sad for the president, good for his other Cabinet men who are exploiting the situation for their own personal interests. I think the group of Sara Duterte knows about this, and they want to save her father before everything goes South.”

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