The Philippines Today: Of Gods and Crazy Old men


I just woke up this morning with an interesting thought— how would historians like me portray life in these parts for the past six years?

Well, you have a Leader who thinks himself higher than God, and who incidentally, finds comfort and solace with another, who thinks himself as the son of God, and claims that he owns every single soul in this universe. Whoa. That explains why both want to surround themselves with pretty, pretty girls.

Claiming to be higher than the God the father really improves one’s image and reputation with the opposite sex. Those who did so in history usually attract the attention of the opposite sex. You had Napoleon, who despite his height, was reportedly portrayed to be very attractive to those 18th century ladies. Then, you have Hitler, who even had for a lover, his niece. We know how attractive serial killers are to women. Ted Bundy for example, who ate humans for breakfast and Charles Manson, who killed and carved out Sharon Tate’s baby from her womb, had women hippies for companions.

Please, don’t be surprised. Lucifer, the father of all men, is known to be a lady killer himself. Why is it that this pastor’s claim sounds like old hat? Read the Bible and the first who claimed ownership of all souls inhabiting this earth, is the Devil, Lucifer himself. The fact is, bible writers describe this earth as the Devil’s own.

Learning from this preacher, expect the student to behave in a similar fashion. While his bosom buddy claims ownership of souls, the other not only fast-track the loss of souls and all 6,000 of them–he also thinks he owns every single company there is in this country, and every single government employee, official, soldier and cop, even firefighters, because hey, he was elected by 16 million people. And he surely does get the highest ratings ever for a Philippine government official.

Remember he always pepper his speeches with “my police”, “my soldiers”, and “my government employees”, as if he finance governmental operations with his own money. I actually believe him.

This crazy mindset often behaves and acts like a virus. Look at his bosom buddies. They act and think that they too, own this country. That explains why they often clash views with this guy.

Eventually, this craziness would end and I hope it does fast otherwise, I dare worry about the sanity of every, single human living in this part of the world. Such a virus would inflict catastrophic effects not just on the political and social life of this country, but even our soul, the very soul of this Nation.

This pretender should be exposed, alongside those who want to perpetuate his abomination. And not only that— thrown into a dark jail with the keys force fed to his close aide.

By the way, watch Lucifer on Netflix.

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