Duterte’s Friend Quiboloy’s Men Indicted in the US for human trafficking

Quiboloy claims that he is the son of god and owner of the universe and all souls of humankind.

Several top officials in the United States of self-proclaimed Son of God, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, founder of Kingdom of Jesus Christ church based in California face long prison terms after a California grand jury found sufficient evidence to indict three of them for conspiring to commit an illicit labor trafficking scheme, document servitude, immigration fraud and marriage fraud.

The scheme reportedly forced members of the Church to solicit donations for a bogus charity which is connected with the group of Quiboloy.

Court documents identified the three accused as Guia Cabactulan, Marissa Duenas and Amanda Estopare, allegedly and personally close to the pastor himself, Quiboloy. Cabactulan heads the. church while Duenas reportedly handles and processes the illegal immigration documents while Estopare heads the forced donation scheme.

The three are slated to appear for arraignment this February 20 at the US District Court Santa Ana in California. If found guilty, the three are expected to get at least five years in prison.

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested them last January 29 after months of surveillance operations. US operatives raided the office of the Children of Joy Foundation at Van Nuys in Los Angeles California and immediately arrested Cabactulan and Duenas. Estopare meanwhile, was arrested in Virginia.

The Children of Joy Foundation was founded by Quiboloy, who heads the church, Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Previously, thru the statement of church member Ingrid Canada, KJC chief administrator, she accused her brother, Gregorio and his family, of being behind what Canada describes as a smear campaign against Quiboloy.

Canada said, the FBI should have consulted KJC first because the foundation is strictly cooperating with US federal authorities.

Yet, even before the raids happened, Quiboloy had already been a subject of FBI investigation. Since February 2018, FBI already subjected Quiboloy and his church officials under scrutiny after federal agents found US$350,000 in cash stashed in socks and rifle parts inside Quiboloy’s private jet in Honolulu.

Making matters worse for the self-proclaimed son of God, a former follower filed rape, child abuse and human trafficking complaints against Quiboloy in Davao City last year.

Quiboloy made headlines after claiming that he was able to stop an earthquake last year.

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