‘Jadine breakup a promotional stunt?’


The Jadine pair in sunnier days.

MANILA, Philippines – So, Philippine Star Entertainment editor Ricky Lo was right after-all when he wrote in his column first week of January 2020 actors James Reid and Nadine Lustre have had broken up, went to splitsville.

The most recent “breakup” was confirmed by no other than the “Jadine” loveteam on Monday, January 20, following weeks of rumors and denial on entertainment sites and social media.

But the first to bring it into the open was no other than Mr. Lo on his column which was debunked by Nadine herself who even labelled Lo’s article as downright “low.”

The official announcement on Monday regarding their “alleged” split was declared via a joint statement aired on “Tonight With Boy Abunda.”

The longtime on-screen duo’s statement said: “It’s true that we have split up but not for all the reasons that are being spread on the tabloids and social media but because after quiet and mature conversations, we decided to focus on ourselves not only for our careers but more for our personal growth as we are still young and we want to achieve as much as we can.”

However, Jadine said they are on “good terms” and are still “really good friends.”

Aside from that, James and Nadine also said that they will “continue to work with each other especially when it comes to music.”

The pair also thanked their fans for their support “now and in the future.”

Some quarters however aver the “split” could only be a promotional tool for their musical collaboration to fly on the market. (IAMIGO/Currentph.com)

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