Defend Job PH hits TWG on “massacre” of livelihoods for thousands of motorcycle taxi riders


MANILA, Philippines — Labor group, Defend Job Philippines, has on Monday  denounced the statement and recommendation of the inter-agency technical working group (TWG) on the termination of motorcycle taxi pilot run and apprehension of motorcycle ride-hailing app drivers starting next week.

Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) board member and TWG chief Antonio Gardiola Jr. made the announcement on Monday blaming the delay of their study and gathering of data due to legal actions being undertaken by one of the players (Angkas).

Gardiola also noted that the pilot run has been endorsed by Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade.

Defend Job Philippines stood with the almost 30,000-47,000 riders of existing motorcycle taxi firms who rely their livelihoods mainly in delivering services to the Filipino riding public.

The group called  on the LTFRB and the DOTR not to be “crybabies” and face legal questions and cases on its due course.

“Instead of hostaging and launching massacre against the lives and livelihood of thousands of motorcycle taxi riders by halting their operations and declaring them illegal, the LTFRB and DOTR must be open to criticisms and improve their policies by facing their critics on proper venues,” said Christian Lloyd Magsoy, Defend Job Philippines spokesperson.

Magsoy added: “We hope that LTFRB Board Member Gardiola and Transportation Secretary Tugade will not put the livelihoods of thousands of riders and their families at risk, just to get back and revenge to a particular group or company opposing their policies.”

The group also pointed out that the recent attack of the LTFRB and DOTR against these bikers adds up to the long-drawn attacks to them by the government.

“Motorcycle taxi riders are pool of jobless Filipinos who initiated to find a way to earn for a living. They were already victims of the government’s failure to provide decent jobs for them and yet their livelihood are being victimized again,” said Magsoy.

Lastly, Defend Job Philippines also urged all affected motorcycle taxi drivers to step up and voice out their opposition and resistance against any moves that will take away their rights to decent livelihood. (STACY ANG/IAMIGO/

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