Health audit on evacuees urged


MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health (DOH) and Barangay Health Workers should now make health audits a priority for all evacuees especially senior citizen patients with serious illnesses.

According to Senator Imee Marcos, they need to be provided with medical assistance immediately because staying in evacuation centers is dangerous.

According to Marcos, pregnant women and children who are sleeping on cardboard are also a priority in evacuation centers.

“It is absolutely necessary to have a health audit on all evacuees, as we may not be surprised at the widespread illness among refugees like what happened in Tacloban back in the Yolanda period. They should be taken immediately to the hospital especially those needing dialysis or undergoing chemo,” Marcos said.

Marcos toured several evacuation centers, including Bauan Technical High school, Dreamzone center and Batangas Sports Complex, and explored their circumstances to determine what government assistance could be provided to them.

At the same time, Marcos also distributed relief supplies such as 100 boxes of bottled water, 200 pieces of mattress, blankets and more than 2,000 bags of relief goods containing 3 kilos of rice, paracetamol, anti-allergy and masks.

Marcos’ relief goods include sardines, noodles, coffee, biscuits, corned beef, laundry soap, bath soap and other assistance for the victims. (Stacy Ang/IAMIGO/

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