Kabataan Party-List says drug war blatant failure


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MANILA, Philippines — The Kabataan Party-list has reiterated its stand that President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs is a blatant failure.

In fact, it has only been nothing but bloody war against the poor, Kabataan Party-list said in a statement on Thursday.

Recently, they said, Vice President Leni Robredo released findings concluding that Duterte’s drug war is a failure, citing it has only seized 1% of the total supply of illegal drugs in the country. Immediately after, the PNP and even the Palace countered saying VP Leni’s findings are wrong.

In this standoff, Kabataan Party-list always stands firm in the side of the victims of the bloody drug war. If there’s a number that is also equally important to be brought to light, it’s the estimated 30,000 victims of drug-related killings.

This number is enough evidence of the failure of Duterte’s drug war, they said.

The meager regard for human rights calls for accountability from all officials and agencies involved under the Duterte administration.

“In the three years since the start of President Duterte’s war on illegal drugs, thousands of Filipinos—including minors and even children (killed, orphaned and/or traumatized)—have been victimized. The Filipino people are becoming desensitized to the violence even as the nightly killings continue unabated,” said Rep. Sarah Elago.

“Meanwhile, Duterte’s cohorts involved in this trade continue to walk the streets scot-free. The administration continues to protect the rich and powerful while justice remains elusive for ordinary people. How one can deny this as a failure?” continued the youth rep.

The representation stands with VP Robredo’s finding that the drug war has only been going after small-time pushers and users while missing the real culprits which are big-time drug lords and suppliers Elago said.

This is the reason why the administration’s drug war is nothing but a war on the poor. As can be recalled, know drug lords have even been cleared of drug charges under Duterte, she said.

“Duterte’s drug war is a failure from the campaign’s militarist orientation up to its tokhang-style implementation. Vice President Leni’s findings exposed this further which helps ferret out the truth in all drug-related killings. We continue to enjoin her and everyone in the struggle to end impunity, primarily for upholding and protecting human rights,” Elago said.

“If the administration is serious in fighting narcotics in the country, it should heed the long-time call of human rights groups to first and foremost uphold human rights and instead, go after drug lords and big-time suppliers. Also to answer Senator Bato’s statement of the need for another Duterte to continue the drug war, what the country needs is a structural change in our economy and politics and not another anti-poor and iron-fisted leadership” said Elago.

“Lastly, even in the face of the standoff, the investigation of the cases of HRVs should not be disregarded. Kabataan Party-list stands firm in the call to end OPLAN Tokhang and the call for justice to all victims of Duterte’s war on drugs,” she said.

Kabataan Party-list continues to call on the government to take a truly preventive and rehabilitative approach to solve drug problems. To prevent the commission of crimes and addiction, the government should not only implement effective, just, and humane law enforcement, but also reduce social, economic, and political inequalities by providing quality and accessible social services such as education and healthcare, and generating more economic opportunities, especially stable jobs, Elago said. (Stacy Ang/JGo/CurrentPH.com)

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