Angkas motorcycle taxi monopoly shattered with the entry of new players

Angkas riders show up in full force during the Unity Ride last May.

MANILA, Philippines — Win some, lose some.

The good news is that operations of ride-hailing company Angkas are to continue unhampered in 2020 but the bad news is, it stands to lose a large portion of its workforce due to a decision by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board to limit the number of Angkas bikers on the road next year.

Not only that.

Angkas is about to lose its stranglehold on the motorcycle taxi or ride-hailing, network-based transport industry with the entry of new players Joy Ride, and Move It.

The two will enter into the market alongside Angkas through an LTFRB-approved Extended Pilot Implementation starting 23 December 2019 up to 23 March 2020.

They have an overall allotted cap of thirty-nine thousand (39,000) registered bikers — ten thousand (10,000) bikers per Transport Network Company (TNC) for Metro Manila and three thousand (3,000) bikers per TNC for Metro Cebu operations,” according to the LTFRB.

In effect, Angkas has to shed at least 17,000 bikers to meet the 10,000 per TNC requirement but they can readily apply with the new players. (AMIGO/CNS)



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