welcomes Postscript by Federico “Dick” Pascual


Starting this December, two more prominent columnists will be sharing their thoughts on our country.

Multi-awarded columnist Federico “Dick” Pascual has agreed for us to share his Postscript columns in A former editor in chief of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Pascual is best known for his highly informative and analytical columns which, since the nineties, have been appearing online at and at

Read his Postscript columns which regularly appears in the printed version of The Philippine Star.

He joins eminent columnists, Herman Tiu Laurel, Ed Cordevilla, former Cebu Daily Chief Editor Bency Ellorin, former broadcaster Ricky Rivera and the Man Known as Maestro here at

Pascual wields sometimes an acerbic pen especially when he sees graft and corruption not just in governance but even in private quarters.


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