Manila ‘Kagawad’ vanity plates



So you say only members of the House Representatives have the power to flaunt those famous “8” car plates?

Think again. Kagawad members of Manila (as shown in photo) have the power too, although the law dictates, by protocol, only high-ranking government officials have been designated or assigned with number-coded car plates by the Land Transportation Office.

These plates are green D or DD plates reserved for the top government officials of the Republic of the Philippines.

1 – President

2 – Vice President

3 – President of the Senate

4 – Speaker of the House of Representatives

5 – Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

6 – Cabinet Secretaries

7 – Senators

8 – Representatives (Congressmen)

9 – Associate Justices of the Supreme Court

10 – Presiding Justice and other Justices of the Court of Appeals.

11 – Chairman, Commission on Elections

12 – Cabinet Undersecretary

13 – Solicitor-General

14 – Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Chief of the Philippine National Police

16 – Regional Trial Court Judges

17 – First Level Courts


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