Manila’s Finest police engage robbery-holdup suspects in 2 fatal encounters

SOCO personnel put the lifeless body of suspect Rodel Vicente Antonel inside a body bag. 

MANILA, Philippines – Manila’s Finest police have engaged notorious robbery-holdup suspects in two separate encounters Wednesday (11 December 2019) resulting in the killing of two suspects and critically wounding one police personnel.

The first encounter allegedly occurred at around 11 p.m., following a robbery-holdup incident, along the railway of the PNR at Antipolo Street corner Tomas Mapua St., Sta. Cruz, Manila while the second encounter happened along Rizal Avenue corner Quiricada St, Sta Cruz Manila City.

Suspect in the first encounter was identified as 34-year-old Rodel Vicente Antonel, resident of 1555 New Antipolo St., Sta Cruz Manila, who, without provocation, instantly fired at a group of police operatives PCpl Edgil Bombase, PCpl Micah David Patricio, PCpl Alvin Galicia patrolling the area.

Pieces of evidence.

Police wounded

PCpl Bombase, who was first shot at by the suspect, got hit in the stomach and other parts of the body but was able to retaliate and neutralize Antonel while his companion identified as Antonio Yap Libwina fled towards Rizal Avenue Barangay Sta Mesa.

Libwiña, 45, single and resident of 649 Blk15 Port Area, Manila was also killed in another encounter on the same day at 1:30 p.m. along Rizal Avenue near the corner of Quiricada St. Sta Cruz Manila.

The police operatives involved in the follow-up operation that resulted in the second armed encounter were PLT Rowell M Robles, PSsg Vhermon J. Guerero, and PCpl Angelo A. Panlaqui.

No casualty in the responding police personnel was reported in the second encounter.

Initial investigation showed that prior to the first armed encounter, a robbery/hold-up incident took place at Blumentritt, Sta. Cruz, Manila that prompted PCapt Kherwin Evangelista to dispatch the team of PCpl Edgil Bombase to conduct validation and follow-up operation.

And so, at around 10:30 p.m. on the same day, PCpl Bombase received a piece of information that several armed individuals were spotted at the corner of Tomas Mapua St. and Antipolo St.

Five minutes later the group of PCpl Bombase chanced upon the suspects on the said place that resulted in the first armed encounter. Apparently, the police personnel while approaching the group of the suspect Rodel Vicente, immediately fired at the unsuspecting lawmen, hitting Pcpl Bombase in the stomach and other parts of the body.

The group of Pcpl Bombase was forced to engage suspects and the suspect later identified as Rodel Vicente was fatally wounded in the ensuing gun battle.


SOCO team

Later the SOCO Team led by PMaj Liz-Ann Sugcang arrived and recovered the following pieces of evidence:

1) One 9MM Caliber Glock 17 Pistol, a PNP issued firearm with Serial Number – PNP 2706;

2) More or less 50 grams of suspected “Shabu”;

3) 107 pieces of 1000 peso bill totaling to Php107,000.00;

4) 46 pieces of 500 peso bill totaling to Php23,000.00;

4. One High Standard Centinel Caliber .22 Revolver with Serial Number P-1766;

5. 26 pieces of unknown drugs in capsules, believed to be “Ecstasy”;

6; 4 pieces of 100 peso bill;

7; Several pieces of silver pieces of jewelry;

8. 13 pieces Cal. 45 live Ammunitions;

9. One mini portable weighing scale;

10. Two (2) Vivo Cellular Mobile Phone;

11. One Samsung White Tablet; and

12. other assorted documents, including OR/CR of a motorcycle.

The wounded PNP personnel and suspect, Rodel Vicente Antonel, were brought to Jose Reyes Memorial Hospital for treatment by the responding policemen.

Pcpl Edgil Bombase, who was hit four times in different parts of his body, was immediately operated on by duty surgeons of the said hospital while the suspect was pronounced DOA by attending physicians.

Oplan Sita dragnet

In view of the first armed encounter, the Station Commander (SC) PS3 immediately directed all PCP Commanders within the vicinity to establish a dragnet operation/Oplan Sita to prevent the other suspects from escaping.

Descriptions of the other suspects were also provided in the recent police operation.

Thus, at around 11:30 p.m. of December 11, 2019, in a dragnet operation and Oplan Sita conducted by Alvarez PCP, the group of PLT Rowell M Robles was able to intercept the fleeing suspect later identified as Antonio Yap while discreetly walking along Rizal Avenue Corner Quiricada St., in order to evade the checkpoint/Oplan Sita established by the lawmen.

He was neutralized after the same suspect shot the group of PLT Robles, who immediately responded and returned fire on the suspect and instantly hitting him fatally.

The wounded suspect (Antonio Yap) was then brought to Jose Reyes Hospital but was declared DOA by the attending physician.

No casualty was reported on the responding police personnel. (IAMIGO/BENJIE CUARESMA/CNS)

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