ACT-CIS Partylist praises Moreno for fast action vs fake PWD ID makers


MANILA, Philippines — ACT-CIS Partylist heaped praises on Manila Mayor Isko Moreno for his swift action and response to arrest unscrupulous individuals fabricating identification cards of Persons with Disability (PWD) that ACT-CIS Representative Eric Yap accordingly first revealed.

According to Cong Yap, Yorme has already responded when other cities have yet to do their share at apprehending bad elements taking advantage of churning out fake IDs to make use of the benefits that PWD IDs have.

The lawmaker said use of PWD IDs are prevalent these days but some are allegedly being used for fraudulent purposes to avail of huge discounts and other benefits.

Cong. Yap requested his colleagues in Congress to sign an appeal that he submitted through House Resolution 454 asking for a review of RA 10754 which imposes stricter penalties on those who fabricate documents such as PWD IDs.

The lawmaker said that Mayor Isko had a good start in catching the fake PWD ID makers and hoped that some local chief executives take his cue to help solve the modus operandi. (Gel Paulo/IAMIGO/CNS)

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