Trump signs Hongkong Human Rights Bill


President Donald Trump signs into law a bill that seeks to allow the United States Government to impose sanctions against those who will violate the human rights of Hongkongers.

While Hongkong pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong, in a CNN interview thinks this is an encouraging sign coming from the US, China however, opines that this is an “hegemonic act” which necessitates a serious reaction from China.

This bill came at a time when the two superpowers are negotiating a historic trade deal that would greatly re-define the flow of international trade.

For more than six months already, Hongkong has been wracked by a series of demonstrators shortly after Carrie Lam, the appointed leader of the Hongkong Legislative Council tried yet failed to pass an extradition bill which sought for the prosecution of individuals residing in the island to the mainland courts.

This extradition bill sparked a million citizen march which was violently dispersed by police. Public anger grew as Lam failed to manage Hongkongers’ demands and Beijing’s hard stance, leading to a series of continuous protests which peaked before the holding of the Hongkong local elections.

Scenes of police brutality beamed in some instances live around the world, sparked International outrage as the United States, and its Western allies commented negatively against China. China, on the other hand, continues its hardline stance, even threatens the use of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) against pro-democracy protestors.

Wong says the bill is just an affirmation of the correctness of what Hongkongers are fighting about, which is the right to democratically elect their own leaders, the way other people from cities like New York does.



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