Suarez offers Province Quezon as an alternative site for gov’t offices

Photo courtesy from Gov. Danny Suarez facebook page

MANILA, Philippines – Governor Danny Suarez said on Friday that some government offices in Metro Manila, for them to be more effective, should be relocated to the east side of the country particularly to his home province of Quezon.  

“Let’s just move it into one area, in the Pacific corridor because there is nothing in the Pacific or in the east side of Quezon,” said Suarez in a Media Forum.

The Governor added that the government could decongest Metro Manila in that way while building a central hub of government agencies outside the capital to make the national government more resilient in the event of a natural disaster.

In August, Senator Sherwin Gatchalian filed a Senate Bill No. 876 on moving the “permanent seat of government” to New Clark City in Tarlac in about 10 years’ time.

He claims that such relocations have been done in the United States, South Korea, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and Malaysia.

“That’s an option that can be analyzed by the administration, that Quezon is more convenient and favorable than New Clark City in Tarlac,” Suarez said. (Gelica Paulo/IAMIGO/CNS)

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