Chinese flag show in Boracay is ok, police chief says

MANILA, Philippines — Boracay’s police authorities have failed to identify the foreign tourists who previously displayed a Chinese flag on Boracay Island’s beach which caused frustration from some locals and residents.
But according to Police Maj. Jess Baylon, outgoing Malay City Police Chief in Aklan Province, there was no law or regulation preventing foreign tourists from displaying their country’s flag.
“It could have offended some residents but we cannot arrest anyone for these actions. We can probably request them not to do it.” Baylon said.
Republic of China’s flag photos shown on the beach triggered the emotions of the locals residing in the Boracay Island beach who expressed their feelings on social media.
But according to Baylon, bringing flags including national banners to guide certain parts of the group tour is a normal thing.
“They use it as their guide or to mark an area where they will assemble.” Baylon added.
Over the past few years, tourists from mainland China have been the largest number of foreign tourists in Boracay. (Gelica Paulo/IAMIGO/CNS)

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