Woman commits suicide after her American BF accuses her of being a gold digger in Raffy Tulfo show


Filipino broadcaster Raffy Tulfo is extremely popular online. His Youtube channel has about 8.3 million subscribers. His show is the only one generating tremendous attention and ratings from Filipino audiences. This is no surprise. Tulfo’s “Wanted sa Radyo” has been on air for several decades now.

People watch and listen to his show because of its unique attraction— Tulfo helps people in need, regardless of race, religion, gender or creed. His public service is unparalleled. No one in the Philippine public service sector does what Tulfo normally does to those who seek his help. Tulfo dispenses what many call “complete public service.” Tulfo not only helps an individual in need–he also makes sure that the individual who goes to him would not seek his help the second or third time.

There was this gay person who was tricked to come to Manila from Isabela by his friend. Upon reaching Manila, the friend took all his money and left him to rot in the streets of the metro, Fortunately, a crew of Tulfo’s show saw him and urged him to go to Raffy Tulfo for help.

That one guesting changed the life of this individual. Tulfo spent for his trip back home, sent him to a hotel to get rest, spent for his food, gave him some monies to spend for his livelihood and even bought hair styling equipment to allow him to re-build his life in Isabela. Now, that gay person is living a pretty improved life in Isabela.

Other people got the same treatment. One former trike driver whose wife left him for an “alleged engineer” whom she met abroad, is now a wealthy businessman after Tulfo helped him get up on his two feet. Tulfo helps not just his fellow Filipinos, even foreigners as well, most of them tricked by their Filipina girlfriends just for money.

Tulfo funded and sent a Singaporean home after the man guested in his show and narrated how he lost millions to his Filipina wife who now has another relationship with another man. An Australian recovered his land from his adulterous wife while some recovered their monies from alleged “scammers.”

Last two days, a former American GI who goes by the name of RJ Russell went to Raffy Tulfo’s show with his brother to complain of a certain Adora Taberna Ramos of Caba La Union whom he claims to be his girlfriend. The American claimed that he gave more than 25 million pesos to Adora as initial funds to help him settle in the Philippines with her and her four kids. Unfortunately for the American, some of those funds disappeared allegedly while others were accounted for.

The American flew over to La Union, where Adora lives with her family to see what really happened. Apparently, Adora had some mental health problems. She burned their house down, pretended to be kidnapped for her to raise five million pesos worth of ransom monies and tried to commit suicide by swallowing anti-histamine tablets brought by her American boyfriend. She tried for six times. At the seventh, she managed to kill herself by hanging herself inside the rest room of their house.  Adora’s relatives say she was so distraught by the situation that she chose to end her misery with suicide.

Some relatives are blaming the American. Others, well, seem to blame the tremendous internet-induced pressure from Tulfo’s show. Adora Taberna Ramos already threatened to kill herself by 4pm–the time when the part one of the episode was aired online. She killed herself at 4 early in the morning the next day, which is today (Saturday).

Did she kill herself out of shame or pressure from the Tulfo show? Clearly, Adora has been suffering from depression, a mental condition. It probably worsened when the issue between Adora and Mr. Russell became public.

What’s clear is that Mr. Russell will never know what happened to his money. Adora’s relatives say that she spent the money by buying lands, raising a hog farm and financing the life of Russell’s brother who lives here in the Philippines.

Adora, by the way, was still married to another man, and promised to initiate proceedings for the annulment of the marriage. These things never happened.



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