Go welcomes VP Leni’s acceptance as ICAD co-chair


MANILA, Philippines — “This is a very welcome development.”

That is the long and short of it as Senator Bong Go welcomed Thursday (07 November 2019) Vice President Leni Robredo’s acceptance on her appointment by President Rodrigo Duterte as co-chairperson of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD).

“We want her to succeed. Sino ba namang Pilipino ang hindi gusto? Isa ang ating layunin. Isa ang ating hangarin,” Bong Go told reporters in the Senate.

President Duterte designated Robredo as co-chairperson of the ICAD in a memorandum signed on October 31, days after Robredo said in an interview that the government’s campaign against drugs has not been effective.
She made an official announcement on her acceptance of Duterte’s appointment on Wednesday, 06 November 2019.

Go said Robredo would be given a chance to deal with the drug problem the way she wants it.

“Kanya-kanyang method, kanya-kanyang style,” he said.

“Kung ano ang paraang gusto niya, susuportahan namin siya (We will support her ways and methods),” Go stressed.

He also clarified that the designation is not a trap, as claimed by some critics of the administration.

“Yung nagsasabi na isa sa mga assistant mo na trap ito, it’s not a trap. Kapain mo muna ang sarili mo. Kung walang bayag ang mga assistant mo, ibulong mo na lang sa amin. Kami ang papatay sa drug lord (This isn’t a trap. Assess yourself. If your assistants don’t have the guts, whisper to us the names of the drug lords, we’ll handle them),” Bong Go said.

“We want her to succeed. Unahin natin ang interes ng karamihan, interes ng bawat Pilipino We will prioritize the interest of the Filipino people).”

He also hopes that with Robredo’s contribution, more people will be satisfied with the administration’s anti-illegal drug campaign.

“Hopefully ang 82 percent na sumasang-ayon sa drug campaign ni Pangulong Duterte ay madagdagan pa ito, maging 90 percent, 100 percent.”

“Ilang Presidente na ba ang dumaan? Nabawasan ba ang drug lord? Nabawasan ba ang droga? Lalong dumami. Ngayon lang po ito nabawasan nang panahon ni Pangulong Duterte (It is only during the Duterte administration that the drug menace declined),” Bong Go said.

According to Bong Go the administration’s tough stance against drug lords have succeeded in reducing their number.

“I’m sure kung hindi mo idaan sa takot itong mga drug lord na ito, dadami ang drug lord, dadami ang droga, dadami ang magiging biktimang Pilipino (If you do not instill fear in the minds of drug lords, illegal drugs will victimize more Filipinos),” Bong Go said.

Senator Go also added that he will monitor the anti-drug operations under Robredo’s watch, especially the innocent lives that may become victims of drug-related crimes.

“With you at the helm, hanggang matapos ang termino mo, ako naman ang magbibilang. Sinasabi mong may inosenteng nadadamay. Ngayon, ako naman ang magbibilang kung ilang inosenteng Pilipino ang magiging biktima ng droga.”

VP Leni’s designation will last until June 30, 2022, unless the President will revoke it. (Chris Figueroa/IAMIGO/CNS)

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