Trump impeachment gains support, latest poll shows


An Associated Press poll shows more Americans favor impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump, although a third of respondents say Democrats who are leading the charge are purely motivated by politics.

The poll, released today in America, shows 47% of Americans supporting the impeachment inquiry while 38% disapprove. Overall, 53% of Americans polled believes that the House is merely motivated purely by politics, while 43% disagrees and says that it is “good faith” that the House investigates the matter.

Survey results published in AP-NORC website

Looking at the poll results above show that respondents’ answers are defined most by their political lines, with 78% of Republicans registering strong disapprovals. Among Democrats though, only 83% approves of the impeachment inquiry.

Many believe that this poll only shows that most respondents are acutely aware of the forthcoming Presidential elections where Trump is seeking a new and fresh mandate after years of getting flak from different sectors of American society.


And curiously though, only 38% of Americans believe that Trump did something illegal when he asked the Ukrainian president to give him information on former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter who once worked for an Ukrainian company a few years back.

That percentage shows that the issue has polarized Americans. With the inquiry pushing thru as the House votesĀ 232 to 196, to pass a resolution that lays out rules for the next stages of the impeachment process, the huge percentage of Americans who are still deciding among themselves whether or not that Trump call is illegal or not, may increase or decrease depending on the tempo of the inquiry.

This just means that Trump and the Democrats will have to fight tooth and nail just to get majority support on this impeachment process.

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