YORME orders probe behind death of 23 year old pregnant woman

Photo courtesy of Trendingbalita
Myra Morga caught in CCTV
Photo courtesy of Trendingbalita

Manila mayor Isko Moreno wants to look deeper into possible criminal negligence of some hospital personnel of two government run hospitals after a 23 year old pregnant woman and her baby died after one of the hospitals reportedly refused to check her in.

A visibly pregnant Myra Morga was spotted by the CCTV crossing the street unassisted by any medical personnel from the Santa Ana Hospital in Pedro Gil street. She was first admitted to the Ospital ng Sampaloc, another government run hospital but was reportedly refused treatment.

Morga went to the Ospital ng Sampaloc around 8 in the morning of October 21. The hospital’s director, Aileen Lacsamana told Moreno that when Morga arrived at the facility, the attending physician could’nt detect any heartbeat in her baby, which results came from ultrasound.

Lacsamana said that Morga did not have records of parental checkups at their hospital.

“Our facility is a primary care hospital with limitations in terms of capacity. Because of that, the obstetrician told [Morga] that with her condition, she must go to a bigger hospital,” Lacsamana told the media.

The patient reportedly rode an ambulance going to Santa Ana hospital only to disembark a few meters from the hospital to cross the street by herself. She reached the hospital and was taken in.

She gave birth around midnight but the baby was already dead. Two and a half hours later, Morga died due to excessive bleeding, severe anemia and abruptio placentae, according to her death certificate.

Moreno orders an autopsy of Morga’s body. He also wants to know why the driver of the ambulance where Morga rode in, did not drop her off directly at the Santa Ana hospital. The driver also did not submit any report on the incident to the city government.

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