Man nabbed 48 hours after off-campus shooting in Nevada which left 2 dead


A 23-year old man was arrested 48 hours later after he went on a shooting spree at a homecoming party in Greenville, Nevada which left two people dead and 12 others injured.

Brandon Ray Gonzales, a resident of the town was arrested at an auto dealership where he works in Greenville. Hunt County sheriff Randy Meeks says other than one minor traffic incident last summer, Gonzales has not had any run-ins with the authorities before his arrest.

Gonzales admits that he was at the party but denies he was the shooter. Meeks says a 9mm semi-automatic handgun was used in the shooting but the handgun has’nt been found.

The gruesome crime happened before midnight when a person entered the Party Venue, located about 20 miles away from Texas A&M university-Commerce and an hour northeast of Dallas in Texas. After the shooting, two people lay dead and twelve injured most sustained gunshot wounds in different parts of their bodies.

Gonzales stands accused of capital murder. Investigation continues. (with reports from Chris Figueroa and WFAA in Texas)

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