Munti Faces Lockdown Now A Humanitarian Crisis


It is now a humanitarian crisis. The New Bilibid Prisons Muntinlupa Maximum Security Compound is locked down.

No visitors — families, lawyers, and not even church workers — are allowed to enter while demolition of structures in the compound are ongoing. Military tanks are also stationed inside.

The Bureau of Corrections reported that seven prisoners have died following the demolition of structures.

It was reported that electricity and water had been cut off while reports of limited food and drinking water supply and other basic needs had been an immediate cause for concern for about 50 political prisoners at Building 11.

Meanwhile, the militant Kapatid-Families and Friends of Political Prisoners appealed for food, water and other items for survival in prison. “We appeal to you for support. The political prisoners are in urgent need of food, water, hygiene items like soap, toothpaste, folded toothbrush,” said Kapatid in a statement.

Donations were requested to be sent to No. 1 Maaralin corner Matatag Sts., Barangay Central, Quezon City or contact the Kapatid secretariat via their FB page, or at (02) 8990-6595.

On October 11, an improvised explosive device blasted inside the NBP’s Maximum Security Compound.

Taguig police report said: “An explosion has occurred at quadrant 4, Maxsecom (Maximum Security Compound), NBP” at around 10 am. After the explosion, police deployed explosives and ordnance and K9 teams to the area.

On validation, found in the shanties beside the explosion area were two hand grenades and two blasting caps. This was near the incarceration area of extremist convicts that included members of the Abu Sayyaf Group, the Maute Group, the Islamic State, Rajah Suleiman Group, Jimaah Islamiyah, and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Concerned volunteers are questioning the crackdown on the Philippine State Penitentiary.

Prison Pastoral Care Official Rodolfo Diamante said dismantling illegal structures at the NBP has caused more harm than good, specifically for innocent inmates.

Inmates’ relatives expressed concern over neglected health and alleged human rights violations as stricter rules were enforced at the state penitentiary. (Stacy Ang / Ismael Amigo)

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