The Barretto Sisters’ Feud: Of Presidents, Tycoons, Politicians, Casinos, Wives and Mistresses and a Funeral

The business partners--Atong Ang is a consultant of Okada Manila which is being managed by Tonyboy Cojuangco, the live-in partner of Gretchen Barretto. They have a child together.

Duterte visits Gretchen Barreto's father's wake
When Miguel Alvir “Mike” Barretto’s remains were interred, many thought that this closes a humiliating chapter of the Barretto clan’s history and end the nasty rift among the patriarch’s surviving daughters–Marjorie, Claudine and Gretchen. They were wrong.

Though the principal actors in the alleged cat fight which President Rodrigo Roa Duterte personally witnessed had since left Heritage Memorial Park, they continued their war online, with all of them accusing each other of nasty things which obviously spilled over traditional media. Worse, the fight now involves their respective nieces.

Gretchen flew to the United States, leaving her mother, Inday and her two sisters. The matriarch remained tight lipped while her daughters, Claudine and Marjorie took turns lambasting each other online. Formerly estranged, Claudine had since patched things up with Gretchen a year ago, allegedly after Charlie “Atong” Ang made her to.

Atong Ang-Gretchen Barretto-Tonyboy Cojuangco
The business partners–Atong Ang is a consultant of Okada Manila which is being managed by Tonyboy Cojuangco, the live-in partner of Gretchen Barretto. They have a child together.

Marjorie was the first to jab, accusing Gretchen of parlaying around her “powerful boyfriend” whom many thought was a reference to Tonyboy Cojuangco. It seemed that she was actually describing Charlie “Atong” Ang, whom Marjorie described as “powerful in a bad way.”

That charge made by Marjorie about Ang and Gretchen is actually old hat. The country’s number one gambler and former jueteng lord and one of the country’s most beautiful faces had been an item since 2016. Many had seen them cozy together.

Many people are now asking– is Ang’s “deep relations” with Gretchen the reason why even the very president of this country, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, was asked to pay respects to  Mr. Miguel Barretto? Duterte’s confidante, Bong Go, is said to be extremely close to Ang, and even Duterte himself who described Ang as the “number one gambler in Davao.”

CEDACD10-E646-4DBD-B068-D04B7CBF9312_4_5005_cDuring the scandal at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO), Duterte admitted calling Ang whom he described as a “number one gambler in Davao” to resolve the mess reportedly caused by an appointee, former Colonel Alexander Balutan. Balutan had since denied involvement in graft and corruption in the agency.

Felt aggrieved, Gretchen threw a very sensitive charge at Marjorie, challenging her to reveal the father of her newest daughter, Erich, who is now seven years old. Even before this incident, showbiz insiders already know the real father of the child.

Barretto sisters
From Left to Right: Marjorie, the eldest of the three, Claudine, the youngest and Gretchen, the second child of Mike Barretto

That accusation forced Marjorie to the defensive. Marjorie meanwhile, mocked Gretchen, depicting her as an “evil person” for not being there when their father was hospitalized due to “respiratory problems” and for allegedly showing false pretenses when Gretchen tried to mend her ties with their mother, Inday.  The actress and her mother had been at odds with each other for years.

In her interview with ABS-CBN anchor Karen Davila, Marjorie Barretto denied claims made by her sister Gretchen that she had a nervous fit at a time when President Rodrigo Roa Duterte came and visited the wake of their father, Mike Barretto.

3A0A870D-6EB4-4805-8539-C8C19196AEB5_4_5005_cBarretto, however, admitted that she was upset before Gretchen came to pay respects to their dead father. According to Marjorie, they got a text from relatives of  “Atong” Ang who according to Marjorie, is currently the boyfriend of Gretchen. Based on the text, Ang’s relations asked that Marjorie and her niece Nicole leave the premises before Gretchen arrives as this could spark not just a nasty word war, but a fight.

That text, says Marjorie, further made them upset as since it was the wake of their own father, and Marjorie and Nicole, being a niece, had every right to be there. So, the two decided to stay.

Nicole, the daughter of 56 year old JJ Barretto, Gretchen’s brother, claims that she was Atong Ang’s girlfriend for more than five years. The relationship ended, according to Nicole, because of her aunt, Gretchen.

Atong had since denied his relationship with Gretchen which celebrity writer Lolit Solis claimed to have started way back in August 2016. Ang says that he and Gretchen are “business partners” after Tonyboy Cojuangco, the real and purported live-in partner of the actress, entered into a business relationship with Ang in the casino business. They are both managing Okada which was acquired by the Cojuangcos from Japanese businessman and former Steve Wynn partner Kazoo Okada. There is an ongoing case involving Okada Casino and Resorts.

Atong Ang-Gretchen Barretto-Tonyboy Cojuangco
The business partners–Atong Ang is a consultant of Okada Manila which is being managed by Tonyboy Cojuangco, the live-in partner of Gretchen Barretto. They have a child together.

Nicole had accused Gretchen of snatching Atong away from her, which, in a post, Gretchen denied. ” He never courted you,” says Gretchen referring to Atong’s ties with Nicole. Atong Ang and Gretchen seemed in agreement to cast Nicole as delusional, since Ang described Nicole as an “employee” while Gretchen is “a business partner.” And Gretchen seemed to have the good side of her “dada”, Tonyboy, whom she said would issue a statement anytime soon.


Actually, it is JJ Barretto, Nicole’s father, who has been an employee of Atong Ang. Nicole is 26 years old, has a son with a certain Martin Ramos, and licensed optometrist. She is now in the United States.

Both Ang and Tonyboy Cojuangcos are still married to their respective partners, with Tonyboy happily married to Denise Yabut Cojuangco while Atong has his Iris. Iris Ang is reportedly very close to Gretchen.

It is already public knowledge that Gretchen and Tonyboy are living together for many decades, since Tonyboy’s marriage to Denise remains in effect. Tonyboy had no child with Denise, while Gretchen gave the tycoon a daughter, Dominique, who now quietly lives a life in San Francisco California.

Mayor Recom Echieverri
Caloocan mayor Recom Echieverri’s name was dragged into the Barretto sister’s current feud

This, however, is not the case with Marjorie who had a relationship with former Caloocan mayor Atty. Enrico “Recom” Echieverri. Caloocan residents already knew that the two were an item when Marjorie Barretto became a city councilor during the time that Recom was mayor. During this time, both had partners, with Marjorie raising three kids with former Caloocan councilor and actor comedian Dennis Padilla, while Recom reports to his wife, Purificacion Malabanan, of whom he has a son, RJ Echieverri.

Marjorie had since atoned for this sordid chapter in her life. Sources however says, the wife of the mayor is not a push-over. She is reportedly not taking this sitting down, according to Caloocan city hall insiders. The wife blames her husband’s alleged trysts with Marjorie as the cause of his current predicament.

Echieverri faces at least fifty cases of graft and corruption of which several had since been withdrawn or abandoned.

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