Hot Taiwanese girl exposes self in Boracay


It should have been a form of expression— maybe in Taiwan, but not to a family oriented resort such as the world famous Boracay Island.

A lithe 20 plus year old Taiwanese girl learned it the hard way when authorities arrested her for wearing a skimpy bikini which barely hid her highly sensitive sexual parts. The hot Taiwanese girl found nothing wrong with wearing a teeny-weeny bikini since she is proud of her sensuous body, or so she thinks.

Accompanying her to the Boracay coastal police, the girl’s boyfriend saw nothing wrong with her girlfriend literally exposing her body for “everyone’s delight.” (” Boyfriend couldn’t care less. Maybe she’s bored and she wants another guy’s company. Just thinking–Ed)

The photos taken by Baskog Frontline went viral and was seen by news organisations around the world including, even US television networks. She probably wanted attention and she definitely got it. (Photo courtesy of Baskog Front Line FB page)

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